Saturday, May 28, 2011

Character for a story idea I had. She'll be the main protagonist! =P

Far Beyond Pleasure

Looking at his broad figure now.., it seems somewhat nostalgic. His rugged features displayed a picture book story of a hard working man that had lost all but nothing. It was sort of sad yet, for some reason, I didn't feel even a tinge of pity for the man. Funny how that happens when you're used to flinching every time someone speaks his name.

A maiden, held captive by the knight in shining armor; They don't tell that part in the Disney films now do they?  I still remember the first time I met the Son of a Bitch, looking back on it now, man was I fooled. I could go on and on and tell you how great he was, how many times he whispered sweet nothings into my ear, or held me so tight that I thought the warmth would never fade,  but my friend that is another story for another time.

As my eyes slowly scanned over his limp limbs, second by second my insides churned and cringed, after sometime it became unbearable. So without a second thought I retrieved my prized chopping knife from his uniformly cut abdomen, wiped it it off on the stained blanket, and headed towards our pint sized bathroom to clean up a bit.

Pulling my golden locks back into a tight rubber band and squinting my left eye shut, I felt it twitch in refusal. It hurt so much more this time, as if he had charged it up like one of his little video game characters. I couldn't help but chuckle a bit at the idea of him in such a stance with his mouth gaped open screaming some war cry. No wander the creators put them in there, for their amusement no doubt.

Standing there looking at my battered face sent me into a world of confusion. I was perplexed as to whether I should feel free or frightened. What if I got caught? The thought hadn't crossed my mind until now and still even as it floated throught my brain...not a thing wormed through my body at all. Not fear nor guilt.

After thinking it over a bit I decided it didn't quite matter how I felt now that all was said and done, and I found that resolve fit just perfectly into the tiny corner of my being. With that I wiped the last remnants of our final encounter from between my legs and twisted the shower knobs on full blast, filling the small room with steam in minutes.

-   -

Wiping my hands off on my favorite torn up jeans I twisted my hazel orbs up towards the analog clock above my dresser and noted the sweet chime of 4 o' clock. It sure did take a lot more time cleaning up a mess like this over the typical housemaid duties.

I  kept thinking of my boyfriend as a sort of dish that had to be soaked and scrubbed with disinfectant so the guests could practically see their reflections off of him. True bleach wasn't what I'd call disinfectant, and Jaden definitely wasn't a fine piece of china, but it helped the time pass by cheerfully.

It took awhile but after enough elbow work he was so clean you could eat a meal off his now unenthusiastic manhood. The thought of it made me hungry to be honest, but I let the idea roll back a bit since I really did have to finish cleaning this mess up. And speak of the devil...there went the buzzer for the washer. It might have been a bad idea to wash the pillows, sheets, comforter, and his cloths all in one load...It was obvious it was gonna take a pretty good time to dry everything in my old broke down dryer, but at least it all fit, right?

Your probably thinking I had this all planned out from the moment he forced me down against our beautiful bed, and guess what, your pretty close. I actually planned this all out the morning before when he told me to be ready for a nice time when he got home from one of his little excursions. If only Jaden really had been nice when he got home, I might not have "Gotten ready" at all.

Time sure does fly when your having fun, ha-ha very funny, this surely wasn't fun. The contradiction scurried around my brain as I threw the trash bags full of the newly washed bed set and clothing into the back of my dodge pick up. It was almost perfect, the bed and trash bags couldn't even be seen over the large dip in the back of my truck. They covered Jaden up pretty well too, at least he wouldn't get cold back there. Oh, not to mention my two car garage was perfect for making sure no one saw me loading the stuff up.

"Put your seat belt on sweetheart", I chuckled to myself a bit as I backed out into the cool night air.

-   -

After finding the perfect spots for the body and weapon, as well as all the other miscellaneous items involved, I returned home around 10 in the mornin' and was far too exhausted to unload all my new goodies from the thrift store. So like anyone in their right mind I walked in to my quite sanctuary, slipped into some pajamas, and passed out watching a distorted Anime about some type of machinery and half-naked women. Interesting enough to rock me to sleep.

To Be Continu-...Nah The End.

Deraneos scene short

Taken out scene change in black dawn

Entering a dark unlit room, Ashura tip-toed around numerous miscellaneous items strewn on the floor that were most likely electronics and clothing mingled up together. Closing in on a black satin covered bed he began to hum softly. The vibrating sound that erupted from his esophagus tuned out into a sweet song of velvety notes. Gently sitting down on Alice's bed he made sure not to wake her angelic slumber. Even with his non-disturbing jester Alice began to stir as if she could sense him near, her arms even reached out for him a bit. From her mouth uttered a small groan as she twisted more in his direction. 

"Shhh, Shhh you're safe with me", He leaned down and brushed some lose hair from her face causing her stress lines between her eyebrows to subside.  

"Ash…ura", her words though muffled by the pillow clearly showed whom she was dreaming of. Alice my treasure…why do you worry of pain…? You and I are one. Pain cannot affect you. I promise I will shield you from any menace that threatens your entire being both inside and out.  

Moving Alice's thick cover up he scooted in close with her and intertwined with her body resting his head against her cushioned cleavage. Her reaction to his closeness was merely a grin and the draw of her arms pulling him nearer into her. He loved the softness of her entirety; the scent that came from her thinly scented skin it was intoxicating. 
"Sleep well angel tomorrow's your big day", he whispered.

Restoration Point p1

Restoration Point p1

by ~hatsumi141

Her head tilts up ever so slightly, just enough for her eyes to graze over the bold lettering of the street sign. A soft sigh escapes her parched lips as she walks over to some stores wall and shifts her weight against it while rummaging through her bag.

Finally after some time of useless shuffling she pulled out her old CD player and placed the blaring headphones on her ears. If some random person were to pass her by on the street they would surely scowl at the screeching voices of one of her many metal bands.

After a few short moments of resting there against the hard, cold wall she rose up from it and continued walking down the deserted street of her pathetic neighborhoods downtown.

She gasped suddenly as all the lights and signs of the roads wee distinguished and then she calmed remembering the new law of all electricity to be shut down after some time, personally she thought the idea to be absurd yet then again they were a pretty poor city.

Now that it was practically pitch black, despite the little light that the crescent moon gave off when it was this cloudy, she had to pretty much guess which road to take at the intersections. She finally came to the first 4- way intersection and rolled her eyes in annoyance before turning off to her left.

The street was damp from the rain the day before and newspaper scraps and trash were scattered across the ground. It was pretty bad if you thought about it. She continued on noticing the bricks of the buildings getting darker and colder as well...for a short moment she could have sworn she was being followed.

Her breath caught in her throat, and she turned sharply and suddenly so that the follower would have no chance of jumping out of sight. Paranoid. Yup, that had to be it, no one in sight for probably miles at this time of night she thought to herself. A scream soon filled the air as a dark shadow passed by her at an incredible speed, leaving her trembling for a short moment.

She regained her composure and her voice caught its normal strong tone once again, " look her ebuddy, I dont got no money and if i were you I'd think twice before messin with me".....

Too be continued in part @

YONVOLTA -Fantanies confusion

Looking over at him now, its hard to believe the things we've seen the past few weeks. His face filled with joy and untainted happiness, an almost unrecognizable sight to my delicate hazel orbs. How could he find the strength to even attempt a smile? The thought squirmed around my brain like an untamed snake through a bushel of hay. A funny thing indeed.

Back to my story, the night air smelt of crisp summer leaves roasting in a nice, warm bonfire. Well more of a campfire to be ultimately honest, it was pretty miniscule. I could feel the salty liquid trailing down my hot forehead from the unbearable heat. Pretty soon my white sun dress would be ruined by yet another element aside from all the stains produced by the dirt and grass that surrounded us. Other than my dress, I was pretty naked. I wore a small silver chained necklace with a black die pendant, some undergarments, no shoes...i lost them a few days ago, and that about it. A blonde hearthrobe, makes you wanna laugh a bit at the unkept as my hair was i was anything but a heartthrobe at the time.

Pulling my hair up into a small ponytail i stood up and walked slowly over to his slim figure. He looked and rose up before me.

"I'm guessing it's about that time?" He questioned in a soft voice brushing off his torn dark jeans.

I nodded with a forced smile, sympathy was getting harder and harder recently. As he lifted on shoe after the other and slipped them on, I doused the fire all the while watching his shirtless bulid tower over me.

too be continued...

seeking solace -p3-End Pain's companion –p3-

What had she gotten herself into…how?

Lifting her fragile arm she looked deep into the eyes of the child, despite the fact of the child not even paying attention, the girl still felt as if she would be caught red handed. Killing was bad enough but a child why a child?

They were her last chance. If she didn't go through with it she would never find a family, people who cared to even glance her way. She was tired of not being noticed, being only a speck of dust for people to swipe away, out of their way. The pain welled up inside her once again and for a small moment she didn't care if the child was innocent or not, she would grow up just like them. And so she fired.

"I..I-I killed her…", shaking uncontrollably she fell to the ground. "Oh my god".

Without a second though she grasped the dark object and ran for the one place she could think of, the leader's threshold …

" I KILLED HER! I DID IT! …", Tears streamed down her pretty face smearing mascara all down her cheeks in the process.

Looking around the place was empty accept for one other, a new face that resemble her almost. The young boy had that same face that she remembered so well, and with this last thought she closed her eyes and let one last tear fall before the shot rang out.

……the end.

seeking solace -p2- Pain's Companion P2

The atmosphere within the small compact room seemed to loom ever more powerfully over the small girl as if in response to the leaders comment. All sound and movement halted, time itself seemed to pitter patter to an abrupt stop. How could he just say ok like that?

It appeared as if she might have to struggle to live any moment now with how things were playing out, like it was a trap just waiting to spring forth and snatch her up in its unbeatable grasps.

"Dude! Seriously?!?!", One of the others shouted out though quickly retreated after a short glance from that small frame.

"Of course though you have to complete the initiation," an awful smile sneaked across his face. "Kill someone."

….And now leaning squarely against the thick, coarse bark of a quite old Oak tree, she fought quietly within herself, trying as hard as possible not to give herself away. How she could even comprehend the act of killing someone, let alone carrying out the event herself.

Only feet away the young girl sat contently playing with her dirty, loveable dolly. Her cheeks were covered in specks of dirt and her little white dress had been ruined long ago.  So adorable, the child's smile could warm your heart from a mile away and yet…yet she was suppose to take this heavy, black object and destroy that source of warmth.

What had she gotten herself in to…how?

Too be continued….